10 Animals that we’re About to Lose for Always Unless We Make an Effort to Care for Them!


Planet Earth, home to millions and millions of different plant and animal kinds, is losing those species at a very disturbing rate. Lately, we learned that the Earth is in fact undergoing its 6th major mass extermination. While this is an entirely natural cycle that the Earth goes through, it has been happening 114 times faster over the last century than what would be considered standard extinction rates, according to the journal Science Advances. This leads many folks to believe that our actions are unswervingly affecting this cycle.

1. Rabbs’ Fringe Limbed Tree frog

While this frog was only found in 2008, it had made the list of critically threatened species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature by 2009. A few years ago, Zoo Atlanta had to euthanize one of the two (that’s right, two) remaining frogs because of a huge drop in health. They wished to not only stop the dying frog’s further distress, but to preserve its chromosomal material for future study.

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2. Mangarahara Cichilids

In 2013, it was thought this species of fish was left with only 3 males, but fortunately the Zoological Society of London was able to discover 18 more. They are now doing everything they can to safeguard this species.

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