This 12-Year-Old Helped Deliver Her Brother and the Internet Lost Its Mind!


It’s pretty much the norm now to have the female’s partner with her in the delivery room when she’s having a baby, even if some are a little bit queasy about the whole thing.

But one family took it a step further by having their twelve-year-old daughter really help deliver her baby brother — literally — as in, getting her hands in there and helping to pull him out.

As you can visualise, it’s getting quite the reaction on social media.

Here are the images that mom Nikki Smith shared of her daughter, Jacee, assisting bring her little brother in the world.

“Meet Jacee! This twelve year old helped deliver her baby brother and the feelings on her face is too remarkable not to share! You’re a superstar Jacee!” Smith captioned the photos.


In general, people thought it was a pretty remarkable experience.

“Incredible what a great doc to allow her to be right there in front of him. Wonder how many deliveries he has done and how often he has had the sibling do just what she did! LOVE IT!” on person wrote.