In Bangladesh, Tigers Are Being Killed By the “Local Mafia”


There are many reasons why folks might want to kill a tiger, not the least of which is self-defence, but in Bangladesh the killings have a shocking motive


Even today, folk’s still kill tigers and other endangered species. One of the most significant questions to ask is why they do it, because it is only by understanding people’s reasons that we might change their behaviour.

Worldwide, tigers are an endangered species. Bangladesh was once a stronghold for them, but today it is home to barely 100. Many of the survivors cling on in the country’s south, in the vast mangrove jungles known as the Sundarbans.

During the British colonial period, hunting radically reduced the Sundarbans tiger population. Hunting was outlawed in 1974, but since then poaching has taken a severe toll on the Sundarbans tigers.

So why do folks do it?

A Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) (Credit: Tony Heald/