What This Bar Is Giving Women Discounts For Has People FURIOUS


Bars and restaurants try a lot of different campaigns and angles to get more patrons into their establishments.

But what the Hilton Osaka is doing has a lot of individuals — mostly females — shaking their heads and, well, rubbing their feet.

Among the eating and drinking options at the Hilton Osaka is the cafe/bar My Place, which just opened at the end of March.

Hoping to set itself apart as a sophisticated, classy establishment, starting June 15 My Place will be giving discounts on food and drink orders from females wearing heels, and the higher their heels, the more they’ll save.

So what precisely qualifies as “high” and how do the discounts work?

According to Rocket News, the heels must be at least two inches (five centimetres), which gets you ten percent off any non-course meal menu choices, plus My Place’s selection of craft beers, organic wines, and cocktails.

Discounts rise by five percent for every two-centimetre increment, up to a maximum of fifteen-centimetres, which gets you 30%.

Go beyond fifteen centimetres and you get the top discount of 40% discount and with any luck a foot massage because that equals about six inch heels.