Amazing Body Changes That Happen When You’re Ovulating


When it comes to your cycle, your period and all the things that go along with it—cramps, bloating, insane desires for cheese fries—typically get all the attention.


But don’t forget that other time of the month that comes with its own exclusive body symptoms: ovulation. This is that point in the middle of your cycle when high oestrogen and rising progesterone levels prompt an egg to be released from your ovary and travel down the fallopian tube, where it pauses to be fertilized by sperm.

The journey the egg takes is a pretty major event for your body, but that’s not all that’s going on. To prep you for pregnancy, those hormone flows also trigger a cascade of physical and mental alterations, many of which are so delicate you may never have picked up on them. But doctors and scientists have, and you might be astonished by some of the hard-to-detect things going on when your body is baby-ready.