A Cat Was Raised by Huskies and Thinks it’s a Dog. This is Unbelievable.


1. The Leader Of The Pack

Lilo, is one of three huskies owned by Thoa Bui, her sister and her cousins. She’s the leader of the pack, and served as a substitute mother to Rosie the cat. Bui said that she and her sisters found Rosie at only 3 weeks old, and she was “malnourished, sluggish and dying.”

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2. Taking A Chance

“We took a gamble and put her with Lilo, and Lilo really saved her life,” Bui said. “Lilo never left Rosie’s side for hours. She embraced her and reassured her until she was better and ready to finally drink from a bottle.”

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3. Suckle

Rosie finally started trying to “suckle” on Lilo, and that was the beginning of their “mother-daughter relationship.” Since Lilo was her ‘mother’, Rosie began to mimic everything she did.

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