Cheap Chef’s Caught Using Meat Glue


Many businesses these days are struggling with the amount of competition out there. It has now become common for cheaters to prosper. Until they are caught of course. Finding ways to save money by cheating customers has even found its way into the culinary world. Fake meat is now passed off as pricey and delicious meat cuts.


Customers that pay for decent quality would always be upset at being cheated. The new craze is using a powdery substance called Transglutaminase. This substance is now known as the “Meat Glue Secret”. This glue is used to stick pieces of meat together, that way the restaurant is saving themselves money by selling you fake quality meat.

With this technique, a piece of meat known as the Filet mignon becomes deceptive and the restaurant does not even have to disclose that to you as the customer. Your “frankensteak” is barely even noticeable to be a fake.

This practice is deceptive, and something must be done about it. If this carries on, who knows what else restaurants could get away with? If you watch the video below, a particular chef practices a test see if viewers are able to tell the difference at all.



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