Children Who “Talk Back” Become more Successful Adults!


Talking back. Most parents hate it. It pushes buttons and drives everyone nuts.

1. Nevertheless, what if pushing or talking back is essentially good for childhood growth?
It is!

children-talk-back-1The experts agree this behaviour is really developmentally healthy for kids. Clinical psychologist Kelly M. Flanagan explains that “the incapability to say “No” — the incapacity to set personal boundaries — is one of the most common, treacherous causes of human suffering. “

Psychologist Joseph P. Allen, who headed a scholarship at the University of Virginia, says: “We tell parents to think of those quarrels not as an irritation but as a critical training ground.”

Children push back when they are trying to gain some control over their lives. Negotiating is a critical ability adults need to own, and kids are just practicing with their parents. It is better they practice with a parent than carelessly follow an adult or peer into trouble.


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