Cinnamon Spiced Coffee with Coconut Milk for Long-Lasting Vitality!


Who does not love a good cup of coffee to start their day off? Though the number of Americans drinking coffee dropped for the third year in a row, there is still an average of 60 percent of folks consuming the fragrant drink, connecting to over 500 million cups per year.

This $30 billion business has left its mark in the world time and time again – keeping hectic bees thriving at work, aiding early risers jump start their day and even letting old and new friends catch up over a few infused cups. It has gone as far as being a part of skin repair and meat rubs!


There are numerous benefits to drinking this addictive Java, from guarding against skin cancer and dropping rates of type-2 diabetes to shielding one from Parkinson’s disease. Nevertheless, your acidic cup of coffee can cause indigestion and major distress in your stomach that could put an obstacle on your day.

But do not fear! There is a formula that will be easy on your belly, and will give you a healthy jolt of vitality to keep you going all day. It is certainly not your characteristic cup of coffee, but it is one worth including into your daily caffeine run.



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