Circus Tigers Brave Beating To Check On Fallen Friend


“They know he is in distress and needs help and they want to give it to him.”

Big cats trained for the circus often face a lifetime of penance from trainers — but these tigers wouldn’t let that stand in the way of checking on a friend.

Back in January, a circus routine at China’s Hangzhou Safari Park went crooked when one of the park’s white tigers touched his breaking point. Tired of being poked with his trainer’s whip, the tiger gripped the tool in his teeth and dragged the man back across the stage.

via YouTube/Animals Asia

As a clip of the event shows, ultimately the trainer releases the whip, sending the tiger stumbling a few feet backwards into a water-filled pool in front of the recital area.

The other trainers can be seen in the background cracking and swaying their whips to keep the other tigers in line. But as soon as the first tiger falls into the pool, one of the others halts rank and runs over, seemingly to check if he’s OK.


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