Fired Disney Employees Disclose The Bizarre Rules Of ‘The Happiest Place On Earth’.


Folks all over the world want to come to Disney. It actually doesn’t matter to them which one they go to, they just need to visit one of them. And why wouldn’t they? When a destination is raised as “The Happiest Place on Earth” who wouldn’t want to go there at least once?

What a lot of folks don’t know is that in a lot of means Disney is just like the WWE. That corporation has certain rules that its workers must follow in terms of behaviour and some of the things they say. Disney has comparable rules for its individuals and there are plenty of words that can’t be used by their folks.

To a definite point it makes sense. Personnel can’t use the word “vomit” and they can’t use the words “I don’t know.” It makes textbook sense when you want your personnel to come across in a certain way. Continue reading and you’ll learn some silly things that go on behind the scenes at Disney. Some will surprise you and some will make you laugh. These come from individuals that once worked there so we can’t say for sure what is really true, but you just know that some of it has to be.

1. “I don’t know” doesn’t exist.

Workers of Disney must do everything they can to answer any query that a tourist has. They can never answer with “I don’t know.” That must lead to a lot of lying because nobody knows the whole lot.



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