Dog Who Had Her Snout Brutally Duct-Taped Shut Gets Some Justice!


1. Poor Caitlyn

Have you seen this horrifying photo of Caitlyn, a Staffordshire bull terrier mix with her mouth duct-taped shut? Well the owner who did this to her has at last been caught.



  1. I really dont understand what kind of mentallity these idiots have. What do they gain by doing such act to these animals?? I am happy this animal got rescued from this asswhole!!

  2. It’s about time they did something to his sorry ass, he needs to be done the same as he did that precious angel and watch as he swells and jumps around like a fish.

    • It seems that we have been involuntarily expatriatedNo no no, my dear Baron. You are not "Non North Amrq&canieuot; – you and Dymphna are Universal! Congrats and thank you for keeping up the good work maintaining this most international forum!


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