Karma against an Impatient Driver for Badgering Old Lady


Here is an interesting video that teenagers unexpectedly managed to catch on camera. These teenagers were trying to catch themselves doing some skateboarding tricks, when they caught this hilarious bit of revenge happen right in front of them. Many users on YouTube have commented that this video actually looks really fake. But that still doesn’t change how funny you will find it.

via Youtube

A car honks at an old lady who was trying to cross the road at a zebra crossing. And in her old grumpy lady way, she hits the car with her bag which sparks a beautiful moment of perfect revenge. This leads the teenagers to start a fit of laughter.

via Youtube

With the outbreak of the video, there has been quite a lot of debate on the ethics of the video. Did the granny do bad or good? Many said that the old lady was way too close to the edge of the road while many commented on the damage she had caused to the car. While of course, many cheered her on.


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