9 Hollywood Scandals from The Past That Make Today’s Celeb Headlines Look Absolutely Tame!


It is impossible to as much as glance at the magazines lining the register counters of our stores without seeing at least one outrageous headline about a beloved celebrity.

I have to confess, I’ve been known to buy my fair share of those gossip rags when a gaudy topic is just too enticing to resist — that, or it’s so ludicrous that I just want to show the rest of my friends how silly it is, which might essentially be the case more often.

Anybody who wants to become famed knows that this portion of the media attention is an ill-fated side effect of their success, dating all the way back to the first stars of the silent movie era. Nevertheless, as you can see below, some of those notable names found themselves involved in stories that would make those about today’s celebs seem like nursery rhymes in contrast.

Take a look to see just how much early Hollywood stars were actually hiding behind their innocent personas.

1. Charlie Chaplin’s Exile from America

Few remember that outrageous headlines swirled around Chaplin later in his career. In 1952, long after his period of influence over the silent era, the British comedian was scorned by U.S. Attorney General James P. McGranery, who thought Chaplin was anti-American. Because of this, McGranery barred Chaplin from re-entering the country following the European press tour for his last movie, Limelight.

Chaplin ultimately surrendered his permit for re-entry and refused to step foot back in the country until he received his honorary Academy Award in 1972.

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