Employee Fired for Preventing a Kidnapping


There are many stories that circulate the internet. Some are shocking and some are tear jerkers. And some, such as this one – promote pure shock at just WHY? It is shocking to think someone is fired from their place of work for doing a good and heroic act. How can something like this happen?

via DW

While at work, Dillon Reagan from Portland, Oregon reacted to a serious incident. A kid was in the process of being kidnapped and Dillon saved him. Then Dillon posted on Facebook about the incident:

“The Friday before Mothers’ Day, I was involved in a kidnapping attempt at my place of work. A woman had been assaulted and her child had been abducted by a drunk, violent man who was making a quick exit with the child in his arms. My co-worker and I called the police and followed their directions to follow at a distance and make sure they could find them when the squad care [sic] arrived on scene.”

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