Easy Exercises to Do When You Wake up In the Morning


Living a busy life can be very bad for your health. You need to be more careful and more aware of the harm you do to yourself. Exercise is not only great for losing weight, but also maintaining your health in many different ways.

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Many people use the excuse of not having enough time. Following an exercise program like this one, will save you a lot of time for the rest of your day. It will focus on all the right parts of your body to keep you feeling fresh and healthy. If you do not do any form of exercise, you run the risk of cardiovascular disease. Follow this easy workout created by Sergey Borodin. Just 10 minutes every morning, you can lose weight and feel a lot healthier!

1. Heron

This is a simple yoga pose that can be done standing or while sitting. Depending on your level of physical capabilities. While standing on one leg, dig your toes into the ground so that you can hold your balance. Then raise your other leg and grab your foot while pulling your toes toward yourself. Use your other arm to help you while you balance, then stand on your toes and breathe.

Repeat this about five times, while holding your balance for about 10 seconds each time.


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