Mom Asks the Internet to Help Her Open This Cupboard, Here Are the Reactions


Drop whatever you’re doing, we have a condition in here! A stay-at-home mother has posted a picture of the ‘impossible to open’ cabinet and she needs your tips to open it without destroying these valuable porcelain plates.

‘A cupboard that can never be opened,’ – read the slogan. Of course, you can never throw words like ‘never’ online because soon after posting, the army of kind-hearted internets came pouring in (16,000 reactions and 456 comments) to help this woman with getting her plates to safety.

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What would you do in this state of affairs? Post your answers below!

Update: The photo was essentially taken after an earthquake in the Tottori Prefecture on October 21st, in a hotel owned by the Kishida family.


It is a matter of economic, if the plates are cheap open the door. If the plates are extremely rare smash the glass on the right.

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Build a matching house next to your existing house with only one difference, the plates would be on the shelf. Then delete the old house.

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Open a bottle of wine > Have a drink > Wait for a husband to come home. Start a casual argument out of nothing > Go to the kitchen. Open the door and let it smash > blame it on the husband – he’ll say sorry and buy a whole new set of plates.

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Flood the house, then open the cabinet without any risk!

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Tilt the cabinet backwards, then open.

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