Types of Food You Can Eat Enormous Amounts of Without the Weight Gain!


Diets have always been a problem for people. This is largely because people think to lose weight you have to eat very little food. This isn’t true at all! Eating very little just slows down your metabolism and makes you extremely hungry all the time because you start to miss that full feeling that somehow brings you happiness. So, you fall off the wagon anyways. There is a simple way to avoid this tragedy – eating foods that are low in calories but high in fiber. Obviously, like everything else, this doesn’t mean pig out, but you can still eat a better and fuller amount without having the weight gain.

Just think smart about what you eat, do some reading and familiarize yourself with foods you can enjoy. As an example, you can enjoy quite an amount of celery, because it is about 95% water. Logically speaking this means that you use your energy digesting celery than the number of calories it actually has. This leads to weight loss. Then you have 24 calories in eggplants, as tasty as they are, they are super healthy. And a snack that everyone loves – popcorn has about 30 calories in it. This is only if there is no added sugar or butter. Sounds tasty, right?

1. Algae

It seems like an odd thing to eat, but algae are great for your thyroid since it has a large amount of iodine in it. This helps to balance your hormone levels.

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2. Citrus Fruits

People tend to forget how great citrus fruits are for you. Along with apples, they also give that full feeling for longer and have a decent amount of vitamin C and fiber which help a great deal in weight loss. So, make sure you eat those oranges, tangerines, and grapefruits!

3. Beets

Just a decent serving of this food has only 40 calories. But again, is super healthy since it helps you to burn fat by regulating your blood sugar which in turn helps to boost your muscle strength.

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