Please Fussy Eaters with Sweet Potato Spaghetti!



If you’re trying to get fussy eaters to eat vegetables or try new things, this sweet potato spaghetti recipe will please everybody at the table.

Made using a spiralizer, a low-cost kitchen gadget that turns fruit and veggies into pasta-like strands, you get all the fun of eating pasta without the cultured carbs.

Via Maria Marlowe

Texture and shape can mean the variance between a picky eater turning up their nose or chowing down, so try-out with veggie pastas to help increase your children (or your!) veggie intake.


Sweet potatoes may taste sweet, but they are essentially lower glycaemic than regular white potatoes. They also come with a wealth of additional antioxidants and nutrients, most notably Vitamin A (delivering over 700% of the recommended daily value per cup) which maintains skin and eye health. They are a good source of fibre and Vitamin C, too.

Via Maria Marlowe


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