The Gerber Baby Just Turned 90 Years Old — And She’s Still Loveable!


When it comes to baby food, the brand that comes to nearly everybody’s mind is Gerber. Gerber was started in 1927 in Fremont, Michigan by a gentleman named Daniel Frank Gerber. Daniel was already in the trade of canned fruit and vegetables when his paediatrician wife, Dorothy, suggested that he make strained foods for their own baby. A new business idea was born! It wasn’t long after that Gerber baby became the go-to baby food brand across America.

Besides their food merchandises, Gerber became very well-known for one other thing: the Gerber Baby! That’s right, that iconic baby face emblem that appears on all of the Gerber products. But have you ever speculated who that baby was?

via metaspoon

Ever had baby food? There’s a very good coincidence you’ve had Gerber.


via metaspoon

Gerber was formed in 1927 after Daniel Frank Gerber’s paediatrician wife, Dorothy, gave him the hint to make hand-strained food for their baby girl.


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