This Girl Was Tortured For 10 Hours Straight…And You Just Might Agree With It!


1. A woman in the UK was recently treated to terrible horrors and torment of the worst kind. Her name is Jacqueline and startlingly, this is what SHE wanted.


2. You see, Jacqueline was making a point. She was fanatical about companies using horrifying animal testing techniques and she knew she had to make a statement.



  1. brave!! her love for animals is true and I thank her for bringing attention to animal experiments. Barbaric and completely unnecessary……it’s all about money and convenience. Fuck those who torment animals in labs!

  2. My Name is Carol Wadsworth and no one should ever suffer like that they need to be respectful and not putting in so much pain please and yes we do Care and always praying with respect and live a peaceful lives regards from all of us here in pa

  3. It is about time something was done about animal cruelty. They feel pain, they feel love, they grieve, they feel despair and all the human traits. Just because you are an human animal, YES WE ARE ANIMALS TOO, does not make it that only us have emotions and feelings. ALL animals (mammals) feel the same as us. It makes my heart bleed for what they do to animal. Kill an animal and give them life, hurt or injure animals and give them severe jail sentences. NOW not in 10/50 years time.