Female Uses Glitter to Make a Brutal Fact about Feminine Beauty.


It may be 2016 but females are still being held to impractical expectations. Women continue to have to prove themselves in their private lives, school, and professions. It’s not enough to be skilful if you do not have your make-up flawlessly applied, with bouncy hair, and wear the latest fashion trends with simplicity.

There is an understood rule in society where females are supposed to handle everything that comes their way while looking nothing short of gorgeous. These standards are difficult to reach. The never ending search for perfection finally lead to feelings of frustration and distress.

Hannah Altman’s photo series And Everything Nice showcases females in uncomfortable moments with their bodies and substitutes them with colourful glitter. The photography scholar at Point Park University in Pittsburg says the assignment “is an unwavering analysis of the standard for female beauty.”

1. The 19-year-old puts her model in states of “affliction” with various types of body fluids like vomit, tears, and menstruation.

Altman says this is done “in order to envisage the notion of girls always needing to seem attractive irrespective of what is actually happening in each situation.”


2. Altman posted her pics on her Tumblr page and within 24 hours, the pictures went viral.

“What began as a private project shot in a college dorm has turned into a relevant and pertinent statement that calls the insight of beauty into question,” says Altman.



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