Scary New Email Scam Is Fooling Even the Most Tech-Savvy Folks


We all like to think we know how to remain safe online. You might only buy items from trustworthy sources with lots of vetted reviews. Maybe you even have software put in to warn you about shady websites and spam filters to catch creepy emails.

While some rip-offs seem pretty obvious, like the fake “dating” scams that have cost persons thousands, others are a lot slier. And the bad news is that the dishonest types who like to steal personal information are always developing, and always coming up with some new schemes to get passwords and other information from unwary folks.

But there is good news. Just as the scammers evolve, so does everybody else, including everyday email users.

The latest scam is known as phishing, and it’s affecting Gmail users. Phishing is when a hacker or group of them penetrates your email, gets your contact information, and then sells it to publicists and others who like to send abundant amounts of junk email, as well as possibly use your information for more despicable purposes, like identity theft. The latest rash of this has affected users of Gmail, Google’s email service.


That’s all scary stuff, but don’t throw your computer out the window just yet. There are simple steps you can take to keep yourself and your information safe, and they’re all completely doable even without a huge amount of tech knowledge.

Read on to learn how to keep your email accounts and online presence safe!


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