Granddad, 71, filmed being knocked out cold by United Airlines worker for ‘asking for new boarding pass’


Frequent flier Ronald Tigner is now suing the airline for $1million in scenes his lawyer says are indicative of the Dr David Dao overbooked flight scandal

A 71-year-old United Airlines traveller was left unconscious after asking an airport worker to print a new boarding pass for him, according to a $1million lawsuit.

Frequent flier Ronald Tigner claims he spoke to UA worker Alejandro Anastasia at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Texas and was knocked out cold in the seconds that followed.

Shocking CCTV tape shows the pensioner being pushed and falling onto his back – and not one worker rushes to his aid in the minutes that followed, his lawyer says.

Anastasia shoves the pensioner and he tumbles to the floor

The lawsuit comes after footage of Dr David Dao being aggressively removed from an overbooked flight in Chicago went viral and wiped $1billion from UA’s share price.

William Hoke, Mr Tigner’s lawyer, told KPRC : “This is just one of the cruelest things I’ve ever seen in my life.

The thug calmly walks away later