Allowing Her Husband To Blindfold Her Had Terrible Consequences For Her Entire Family.


There are certain foodstuffs that just do not sit well with us and yet we carry on to punish ourselves into eating it. Sure, the first 10 to 15 minutes we get to relish the savoury, rich taste of our meals but that does not validate what it does to our bodies.

How long food gets broken down in our digestive system hinges on the amount of work it takes to pass through. No antacid or heartburn tablets can ever really do its job 100 per cent. It is best to know what our bodies cannot digest to evade any uncomfortable and awkward situations.

Otherwise you become that individual everybody talks about who had that one “episode” years ago. The realism is that there is no food worth risking your pride and status for.

1. It was Amber’s birthday and she really sought to treat herself to a tasty meal.

You should be permitted to eat whatever you want on your special day.


2. The lady treated herself to burritos for lunch.

Extra hot sauce, rich cheese, and greasy ground beef is to some degree she was craving all week long.



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