6 Life Excuses That Breed Negativity!


Individuals are full of excuses. Reasons why they’re late to work, why they can’t make it to a family gathering or why they aren’t living a healthy lifestyle. The truth is, excuses hold us back. They hold us back from being truthful, from feeling content and from living a happy and healthy life.

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If you have a habit of making excuses for your conduct, it’s time to stop letting negativity stand in your way.

These six life excuses breed negativity:

1. “I Don’t Have Time”

You might be busy, but the hard truth is: individuals make time for the things that are significant to them. Saying “I don’t have time” is simply a form of procrastination. It means that you don’t want to make time. Whether its exercise, taking a vacation or going to dinner with a friend, be truthful about the reason you’re putting it off. It’s not because you don’t have time.

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2. “It’s Too Hard”

Nothing optimistic comes out of this statement. Telling yourself that something is too hard is the same thing as telling yourself that you are powerless. If you’re up against something tough, that’s all the more reason to work even harder to achieve your goal! Stop your negative thoughts in their tracks and tell yourself that you are strong and capable.


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