This Is How Magic Mushrooms Clarify The Story Of Santa And His Reindeer.


If you ever thought the story of Santa Claus was a little shaky, you might get a kick out of this article. According to a piece by Douglas Main of Live Science, the story of Santa just might be embedded in none other but magic mushrooms.

The historically and ethnically noteworthy hallucinogen is believed by some – such as John Rush, an anthropologist at Sierra College – to explain the quite fantastical story of jovial old St. Nick and his magical flying reindeer.

via David Wolfe

“Santa is a modern equivalent of a shaman, who consumed mind-altering vegetation and fungi to commune with the spirit world,” Rush said.

That philosophy just might hold some weight – Arctic shamans are believed to have given out magic mushrooms during the winter solstice, like examples of the modern gift-bearing jolly red and white-clad man.


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