Man Punches Kangaroo in the Face to Save His Dog!


1. Did This Guy Go Overboard?

He throws the punch well after the dog is out of danger, is this guy reasonable in punching this kangaroo?

Video shot in June but going viral this week shows a dramatic meeting between a large male kangaroo and a guy in Australia.

The bloke, who was apparently out pig hunting with his dog and several friends in rural New South Wales, saw that his hunting dog was being enforced into a headlock by a large kangaroo. The bloke, said to be Greig Tonkins, 34, rushed up to help his dog.

Alarmed, the kangaroo let go of the dog. But Tonkins—who stated to the media that he wanted to scare off the kangaroo and give his dog a chance to run away—hit the marsupial in the face.

“The fella’s very lucky since he could have been killed,” says Marco Festa-Bianchet, a National Geographic explorer who studies kangaroos and who is an environmentalist at Université de Sherbrooke in Quebec.


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