Mothers in the Animal Kingdom Defending Their Young!


Think your mom is overprotective? While many a teenager has had that thought since the dawn of the old-fashioned family, there’s a good scientific reason for mothers’ inclination to defend their young, even at their own risk.


e7jydjdBut while that reason might not bring comfort to an angry 16-year-old who’s irritated at not being permitted out to a rock concert, maybe this list of other overprotective moms in the animal kingdom might put things into perspective.

1. Elephants

Elephant moms carry their baby for a astounding 22 months of pregnancy and then go on to deliver their young, which comes out as the world’s biggest baby weighing roughly 250 pounds.

And the devotion doesn’t end there. When elephant babies are born, they are entirely blind and depend entirely on their mothers to get around. Fellow elephants in the herd, referred to as ‘all mothers,’ take care of the young as its natural mother eats as much as possible to harvest a large quantity of milk for nurture.

Even more, elephants are known to be extremely protective and devoted to assisting their young. Check out this video of a mommy elephant spending 11 hours burrowing its calf out of a well.


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