Never Lie to a Smart Women. Here’s Why!


There are times when we all lie about certain particulars. Sometimes, it is for the benefit of others, yet, most of the times it is because we want to do something that we should not really be doing.

But let’s face it, some men are just terrible at lying, they always get caught because you know us women are smarter than they think! Here’s one amusing story which further strengthens this fact! Give it a read!


Man on phone: “Honey I’ve been asked to go fishing in China with my boss for a week. This is a good chance for me to get that promotion. So could you please pack enough clothes for a week, set out my rod & fishing box. We’re leaving from the office & I’ll swing by the house to pick up my things. Oh, and please pack my new blue silk pyjamas!”

The wife thinks this sounds a bit suspicious, but being a good wife she did precisely as her husband said.

The following weekend he came home a little tired but looking good…

The wife greeted him & asked if he caught much fish?

He said “Yes, Lots of Salmon, Bluegill & a few Swordfish. But why didn’t u pack my blue silk pyjamas?”

You’ll love the answer..!!

She says, “I did…..They’re in your fishing box”

Game over!!

via Tumblr

Seriously, dudes, you can get better than this! Nevertheless, it is just a funny story, you should never lie to your partner at all! So now, if you enjoyed reading this, scroll over to the comments section and let us know if you’ve ever lied to your partner and got caught by them just like this bloke!



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