109-year-old lady’s secret to long life is “avoiding men”


Self-governing females have a charm of their own. They know what freedom and hard work tastes like and have survived the harshest conditions of life.

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And to be true, they are a kind of the cheeriest ladies who have lived their lives with the most gratification. Say hello to Jessie Gallan, who has revealed the secret to longer and happier life.


Born on January 2, Jessie Gallan had celebrated her 109th birthday in 2015. She had become Scotland’s oldest lady publically following the death of Clare Dawson, of Glasgow, in June 2013 at the age of 109. She is the self-governing and amazing lady that has been ruling her life on her own terms. Ladies! You got to know about her! She is going to give you real-life goals for sure.

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