This Is What One Dollar Will Buy You Around the World


Travel website Lonely Planet recently asked folks on their Facebook page to tell them what the local equivalent of $1 American would buy in their corner of the world. The replies were, literally and metaphorically, all over the map.

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While some praised the flexibility of their currency, others took the opportunity to complain about taxes. And while some proposals were intended to help a casual tourist, others were clearly meant to obscure and/or terrify outsiders (or at least give them alcohol poisoning).

Read on to discover what you can buy for a dollar in eleven different countries!

According to Niraj, in Nepal, you can get ten momos: a kind of filled, steamed dumpling that typically has meat, veggies, cheese or khoa (milk solids mixed with sugar) inside. You’ll also have change left over for 250 ml of coke, which to me sounds like a pretty good meal. (104.11 Nepalese Rupee).

Lynn of Vietnam gives us a lot to work with: she says you can buy a hat, a DVD, three pairs of low-cost sandals, five noodle packs or a meal in some (inexpensive) food courts. (22725.00 Vietnamese Dong).


Sheila of Chiang Mai, Thailand, is pretty positive about your chances of getting a good street meal for under 1 USD, and she says that she gets “a cooked-to-order vegetarian lunch delivered to my office every day for that price.” But how much will it cost to dispel my seething jealousy? (฿ 331.79 THB)


Michael tells us that in Paris, a dollar will purchase you a little less than half of a Starbucks espresso. That’s rough, Michael (0.85 Euros).

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In India, Tarun proposes getting a thali (a south Indian mixed platter that can be made with several different foods, much like dim sum), and his recommendation is rasam, sambhar, and curd. Priyanka, on the other hand, proposes getting boiled rice, dal, veggies, pickles, and chutney. (65.19 Indian Rupees).

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