5 Personality Traits Men Love in Women


Over the last few decades, the appearance of women has been something of an obsession. Such as in the fashion world on beautiful women posing their beauty with confidence. And now its common perception to think beauty is everything in a person. What this has done is make ignorance common place.

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Many people forget there are more important things in this world than beauty. Logically, what makes you stand out from everyone else if everyone was beautiful on the outside? There are traits in women in which men will fall head-over-heels for above and beyond physical appearance. After all, to spend the rest of your life with someone, to love someone, that person has to be special and this has nothing to do with appearance.

1. Kindness

The world we live in is filled with mean and selfish people out only to take care of themselves. It Is no wander that kindness is an attractive trait. When the love of your life shows love and compassion to others, it would fill you up with pride. And this is extremely helpful in a relationship when the woman you love is kind and compassionate towards you, this ends an argument so much easier. There is nothing amazing about a selfish woman that would say the harshest things to belittle you and hurt your feelings with insults. A strong woman can stand up for herself and her own feelings without saying anything hurtful to you. Kindness can easily stop an argument or dispute before it gets any worse.

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2. Humor and Laughter

An amazing and strong and beautiful woman can laugh from her soul and even laugh at herself. Seeing things in a soft and happy light, makes her happy and relaxed and able to blow off work or any responsibilities that aren’t that important for you. This makes for an amazing relationship of excitement and spontaneity.

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