9 Common Phrases Smart Folks Never Say in Public


Some folks have trouble thinking before they speak. If you’re guilty, you’re not alone. Words and phrases we perhaps shouldn’t say out loud tend to slip from time to time. The problem is, they can be unkind. Being honest is great, but there are some things you just shouldn’t say.

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Here are nine things smart persons never say in public:

1. “It’s Not Fair!”

Yep, life isn’t fair. And complaining about it won’t help you solve a hairy condition. If something goes wrong, focus your helpfulness on trying to resolve the problem. Whining to others about your state of affairs won’t make it any better.

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2. “For Your Age”

Take any “for your…” statements out of your vocabulary. Telling somebody “you look great for your age” or “you’re pretty smart for a woman” is nowhere near an admiring comment. If you really want to compliment somebody, leave the “for your” phrase out of it.


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