14 Pointless Things That Are So Useless They’re In Fact Funny!


An artefact or object must be useful, effectual, have a clear and exact reason for its existence, whether it’s ornamental, informational, enlightening, or instructional. Engineers, designers, and businesses are just not going to waste their time coming up with a classy (in some cases) piece of gear that has no use, or a building that is not reachable, or a sign that is not meant to be read. They’re too busy building our tomorrow and… Baah, who am I kidding? Take a look at the most ludicrous, useless things on this uber strange planet.

1. Gee, cheers for the warning! If it wasn’t for this pushover, we would’ve grilled that clothing hook, steamed some broccoli, and momma would be having a banquet tonight!    


2. If Hodor from Game of Thrones would’ve had this door to hold, stuff would’ve been pretty different.



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