5 Psychological Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight


There are multiple reasons why people struggle to lose a healthy few pounds; It is not just lack of exercise or the diet you follow that prevents you from losing weight.  There are also psychological reasons.

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For you to get on the right path, you should be learning and become aware of the many factors that play a role in proper weightless, and if you struggle then you can begin here.

1. Gratification Addiction

For many people, they want to immediately see the results of their hard work to lose weight. This gratification is what keeps many motivated to continue. However, the problem is, most of the diets that rely on quick results are fad diets. Your body weight goes up and down, fluctuating constantly. Overall, this is bad for your health. If you want to lose weight, you need to do it correctly and understand it is a lifestyle change.

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2. No Control over Your Own Impulses

Many people are not even aware of this one. Our culture dictates that when people offer you food; it is rude to say no. This has created a problem with controlling the food and amount of food we eat. It is logical that to lose weight, you have to have full control of yourself. Many people continue eating past them being full. This is definitely going to prevent weight loss, or actually encourage weight gain.

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