How To Purify Your Fridge: The Mould, The Germs and The Ugly!


1. Bacteria and Mould In Your Fridge

While you are reading up on the Internet and determining to clear your refrigerator of the typical suspects: factory-farmed red meat, battery-cage chicken, sugar, sugar alternatives, sodas and diet sodas, artificially caffeinated drinks, gluten grains and non-organic dairy products, and just purely old food, you may also want to contemplate giving your fridge a complete sterilising clean up after you read the story below…


In the late 17th century, Dutch genius Anton van Leeuwenhoek looked through a microscope, a new discovery at the time. He became the first known individual to directly witness bacteria. It took two centuries before anybody comprehended that these same bacteria may cause gastrointestinal problems, harm to food, as well as many contagious diseases.

Your icebox is likely a lush breeding ground for microscopic moulds and bacteria. Bacteria and mould will escape into your refrigerator atmosphere no matter what kind of refrigerator you have or how new it is; it is just a problem of time.


Refrigerators are often set between 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit. These fairly low temperatures inhibit some types of bacteria and mould, yet there are many types that can grow and even flourish at these low temperatures. Given the right conditions, which comprises: nutrients on and in your food, dampness, air, lack of light, as well as temperature, bacteria and mould can pollute your fridge (and perhaps already have). Once bacteria and mould begin to feast, they can become a lasting resident and travel to your foods unless you take action to clean them out.purify-fridge-2

Bacteria and mould grow on our food and cause changes in its taste, smell, and look, yet the key is that they are also likely reproducing inside the fridge itself!

The “load” of harmful bacteria and mould in our fridges may be affecting our immune system and may occasionally be accountable for making us ill — particularly if the polluting bacteria or mould initiated from rotting animal foods such as meats, poultry, or fish.


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