5 Reasons Why You Should STOP Drinking Weight Loss Shakes


Many people are constantly on the go. From work or school to picking the kids up and toting them to after-school events, from grocery shopping to dinner dates. In a perfect world, you would have time to prepare healthy home-cooked meals 100% of the time. Regrettably, that doesn’t always happen. In its place, companies who offer meal-replacement shakes are raking in the cash.

via David Wolfe

In a rush in the morning? Take a shake. Working through your lunch today? Drink a shake! It seems like a good resolution, right? Particularly if you’re trying to lose a few pounds. Regrettably, weight loss shakes aren’t as great as they seem. It turns out that they may be doing way more damage than good.

Check out these five reasons why you need to end drinking weight loss shakes!

1. They Are Laden With Added Sugar

Have you ever noticed that meal-replacement shakes come in pretty delicious flavours? From mint chocolate chip to birthday cake, they generally sound super tempting, especially when they have a ‘low calorie’ label stamped on the front. With these dessert flavours, meal-replacement shakes typically contain loads of added sugar, artificial sweeteners, or a combination of both. Consuming too much added sugar can cause grumpiness, dips in energy levels, irritation and weight gain.

via David Wolfe


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