4 Major Reasons Toxic people love the Mentally Strong


It would seem logical that toxic people wouldn’t affect mentally strong people. They should have the capabilities of defending themselves and chasing them away. They don’t seek attention or look for trouble.

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They usually seem like rejection isn’t an issue for them. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. They actually seem to attract horrible people to them since they show strong traits of kindness and compassion. You can find out what the main attractions are so that you could possibly defend yourself:

1. An Open Book

Honesty means being very open about yourself and who you are. Once toxic people have you figured out, they can easily manipulate you if they know what gets you to tick. Be careful who you open up to.

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2. Positivity

Having a positive outlook on the world means you always try to see the good I people. As honourable and brave as that trait is, toxic people love it. This means they can get away with a whole lot more with you. Be careful whom you believe in.

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