Research on who Recovers Better after a Breakup

via Twitter (Edited)

Having a social event with a bunch of friends or family always leads to interesting conversation. Well, here is a great topic to bring up next time you have a gathering going on: Who Comes out of a relationship better, men or women? The answer will definitely surprise you, but keep reading and you will have some scientific information that will impress your friends.

via Twitter

A study was conducted by researchers from the University College of London and the Birmingham University. They surveyed about 5,705 participants from around the world in at least 96 countries. The survey conducted asked the participants about the rate of pain they felt on a scale from 1-10. The results were astounding. Women seem to be way more emotional and physical pain after a break up than the men do. But, men don’t ever seem to recover after moving on, while women end up being much stronger after the break up.


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