5 Red flags on your partner’s mobile that show they might be cheating


If you suspect your partner is deceitful with you, you could say “cheatersayswhat” and see if they say “what?” back. But there’s a better way. All you must do is pay attention to how they use their phone.

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If you’re one of those irritating “moral” people, you don’t feel happy snooping on your partner’s cell, secretly reading their texts and scanning through their missed calls. Well, good news, goody two shoes. You don’t have to resort to violating somebody’s privacy to figure out if they’re adulterous.

Here are five red flags on your partner’s phone that show they might be dishonest.

1. They won’t share their password.

Let’s say a situation comes up where you forgot your mobile, or it’s dead, or it was plucked out of your hand by a hungry falcon. You take your partner’s phone and ask for the password, and instead of giving it to you, your partner insists on personally unlocking the screen. Why? is your partner hiding something? Does your companion not trust you? And why are falcons such idiots?

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2. They get push notifications from dating apps

If your partner gets a notification that they “have a new match” on Tinder, or “have a new message” from somebody on OKCupid, or “arranged a bone session” on OneNightStander, that should be a little worried. Yeah, we all forget to turn off push notifications from time to time. For instance, I downloaded a daily quiz show app, have only played it twice, and still haven’t turned off the notifications. But if you’re in a serious relationship, it’s presumed you won’t still be prowling on dating apps. Especially OneNightStander.

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3. They don’t take calls in front of you

We all take private calls occasionally, but if your partner’s making a habit of taking private calls, then your partner might be making a habit of calling somebody to get in their privates.

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