8-Month Pregnant Female Turns Heads at The Gym When She Deadlifts 275 Pounds


Trust me when I say that deadlifting — even when using lighter weight — is very difficult. Not only do you have to get the form just right to prevent harm, but then of course you have to lift the weight too. That’s why seeing powerlifters heave these enormous poundage’s up and down is incredible.

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Now visualise lifting all that weight while eight-months pregnant.

Well, essentially you don’t have to imagine. Meet Sarah Strong, a personal trainer who started powerlifting back in 2015.

Oh, and she’s furthermore eight months pregnant.

And she hasn’t stopped lifting heavy weight!

Sarah — a single mom of a four-year-old daughter — told Metro UK that she credits powerlifting not only as the motive why she’s in the best shape of her life but also for preparing her for giving birth.

This has caused her to get some criticism — mostly of folks who believe she’s putting her baby in danger by exposing her body to the stress that comes with being a powerlifter.

Sarah can deadlift 275 pounds.

“Throughout this pregnancy, it has helped me maintain a healthy weight and build the endurance needed for labour. It will also help me recover faster,” she said.

Check out Sarah in action in the video below:

Metro UK 
Sarah Strong


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