A Seafood Company Killed a Lobster — and Was Convicted Of Animal Cruelty


You might care about how the chicken you consume is raised and killed. What about the lobster?

An Australian seafood company was lately convicted of animal cruelty — for killing a lobster.

The legally criminal problem was not essentially taking the life of the lobster. It’s that the lobster was killed in a way deemed to be unreasonably — and illegally — ruthless.

via washingtonpost.com

According to the Guardian’s description of what occurred, workers at Nicholas Seafoods were seen by investigators “butchering and dissecting lobsters with a band saw, without adequately stunning or killing them.” The lobsters’ tails were cut from their bodies while the animals were still alive, in defilement of local animal cruelty laws, and led to a verdict that may be the first of its kind in the world.


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