7 Kinds Of Seafood You Should NEVER Eat!


From ocean pollution to poor fish breeding practices, seafood consumers have no lack of things to worry about when looking for healthy and environmentally-friendly choices.

A lot of that worry can be reduced by evading certain species of fish entirely, like the following 7.

1 – Tilapia

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it once more – tilapia is maybe the worst fish out there. It comprises very little of the omega-3 fatty acids that make other types of fish so healthy. Equally, tilapia has a ton of omega-6 fatty acids, which cause infection.

To put things into perspective, scientists say a portion of tilapia is possibly more inflammatory than a doughnut or hamburger.

Tilapia is also one of the most commonly-farmed fish on the earth. They’ll eat and endure on basically anything – as well as poop from other animals.

Substitute tilapia with alternative, safer mild and white-fleshed fish like Mahi Mahi. Any white-fleshed fish will have a mild taste comparable to that of tilapia.

Via fitnesskites.com


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