Small Signs That Can Help you avoid Depression


Falling into depression is something that seems near impossible to get rid of. Once you are in the pit, everything just seems to go dark. What makes it so difficult is the fact that you do not usually know why you feel this way.


Many factors in your life contribute to depression. From stress, anxiety, very low self-esteem and even terrible sleeping habits. What you do not know, is that you can make a few changes to your lifestyle that will save you the pain. Once you know these causes, you can learn to avoid them.

1. Overthinking

Many of us suffer from being unable to shut our brains down. We lie in bed, thinking about everything and falling into the negativity trap. Once you fall into this trap, it is very hard to shut off your brain. It becomes very frustrating with bad thoughts constantly circulating.


The best thing you can do is try training your brain to work differently. Start by keeping yourself busy, finding ways to relax as much as possible. New habits can save your sanity, such as reading or hanging out with your friends.

2. Poor Self-esteem

The modern society we live in can be very cruel. Whether it is anorexic, skinny models setting the self-image stage to people just being outright mean to each other. It may seem hopeless, but all you need to remember is that happiness comes from being yourself. Understand who you are and do not let anybody tell you otherwise.



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