6 Signs Your Smartphone Has Been Hacked & How to Safeguard It


Few things in life are more off putting than learning that your personal space has been attacked without your knowledge. Regrettably, that’s a situation that comes up with an alarming amount of regularity in today’s digital age.

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Hackers are always out there looking for entry points, and they seem to get more and more refined as time moves along. While it’s alarming to think about, there’s really nothing out there that’s totally impenetrable by strong-minded hackers.

That’s true whether we’re talking about personal computers, sophisticated corporate networks – and even smartphones. Yes, smartphones can be hacked, and that brings along all kinds of annoyances.

So how do hackers succeed in pulling this off?

There’s numerous ways to do it, such as accessing your phone via an unprotected Wi-Fi network in a public setting or via a spam text message, but the end result is that a spy app could be installed after your phone has been accessed for a few minutes.

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Having your personal device taken over without your awareness is a chilling thought, but there are some signs that you can keep in mind.


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