8 Signs Stress Is Killing Your Relationship


Stress, if left unattended, can abolish a relationship. It creates a wedge between two individuals, pushing each farther away until they are just a memory of what they used to be. Your aim should be to identity the sources of your stress and challenge them head-on, before it’s too late.

Here are 8 signs of stress to lookout for!

1. No ‘Me’ Time

When you don’t spend sufficient time on yourself, it causes a state of emotive overwhelm, which then separates you from your spouse. This creates overall feelings of disengage.

Plan some time a day just for yourself, even if it’s only for 10 minutes. Read a book, go for a jog, and take a bubble bath. Do something that you relish. You’ll begin to feel the stress come off in no time, which will make you (and, as a consequence, your partner) more contented.

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2. Lack of Sex or Affection

It’s common to have more sex earlier on in the relationship. Everything is new and fresh, and it feels like anticipation is around every corner. It isn’t uncommon for the sex to become less frequent as the relationship develops, but it is a cause for concern when sex and intimacy hardly happen at all.

For a relationship to flourish, intimacy must happen. Talk with your partner. Figure out what makes them tick.

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