The Size Of Your Pinkie Exposes This About Your Personality!


Palmistry is an early technique that is still practiced today. Fortune tellers study the shape, size and lines of the hands and fingers to disclose individual personality and character traits.


According to palmistry, the height of your pinkie finger can disclose a lot about your character, your likes and your displeasures. Palmists identify three different types of folks based on the height of their pinkie finger. Which one are you?

Here’s what the size of your pinkie finger says about your character:

Type 1 – Your pinkie finger is about 3/4 the height of your fourth finger

You tend to keep your feelings secret from others in order to present yourself as much stronger and more sovereign than you actually are. Openness isn’t a trait that comes easily to you. It takes you a while to trust somebody, but when you do, you become deeply emotive with them. You have a big heart and you like to help others. You’re known for your hard work ethic and your honesty.



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