‘Skeletal’ Reindeer with Visible Ribs at Christmas Event Triggers Social Media Meltdown!


Animal-lovers were worried the reindeer was underfed and should not have appeared at the Christmas event in Kent


A picture of a reindeer with his ribs visible through his skin has ignited outrage among animal lovers.

The reindeer, which belongs to The Reindeer Centre at Capralama Farm in Kent, performed as Rudolf at a festive fair outside The Swallows leisure centre on Sunday.

Pictures of the “skeletal” animal posted online provoked a huge backlash against the company that owns it.

One lady on social media wrote: “This reindeer is clearly very malnourished.

“Age may be a factor but this poor animal is clearly not in a fit state to be used in such a way.

She added: “Shame folks feel the need to use animals to gape at but the Council should have interceded in this case.”

(Photo: SWNS-London-+44 (0)1179066550)

The undernourished reindeer at Reindeer Centre at Capralama Farm in Bethersden, near Ashford, Kent