Stop Dry, Red eyes with these Simple Home Remedies


Research done by the National Eye Institute of America, have deducted that millions of Americans suffer from their eyes being dry and painful. It may not seem dangerous, but it is something that is highly uncomfortable and painful.


The irritation is caused by a problem with the surface of your eye is not being properly lubricated by tears. There are natural home remedies that are easy and pain-free for you to fix this problem. Try these out and live an itch-free life.

1. Humidifier

Buying you a humidifier is a very simple fix. Sometimes the air is just dry, or dusty or even the start of spring which causes pollen to irritate your sinuses. Simply by adding moisture into your air will relieve the dry itchiness you experience.

2. Water

It is simple: just drink a lot more water! Water is essential to every single part of your body to function properly. SO how does your tear ducts create tears if you are thirsty all the time? Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.



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